Bring It On : All Or Nothing (2006)

 I thought I needed to be a leader, but it turns out that I just needed to be a part of squad

-Britney Allen-

Now, here’s the movie that I’ve been talking about to anyone that wants to hear me almost for three weeks. Haha.

First of all, I will not give you any movie review. Oh please, thousands website out there have already reviewed it. You can do googl-ing and you will find them fast.

What I want to write here is the fact that I love this movie so much! Lots of dance mixed with cheerleading moves and combined with great OST (which I haven’t found it yet till now 😦 ) are enough to make me fall in love with this piece.

Hayden Panettiere is bloody gorgeous! She can picture Britney Allen who transform from Ms.Barbie-LipGloss-Shimy-Shimy to a person that totally stands up for her real friends. And she did that very well.

Solange Knowles-Smith (yup, she’s Beyonce’s sister. And FYI, she’s married. Now you know where the ‘Smith’ comes from) is also quite good. Even though I think she’s too tall and too skinny to be a cheerleader, but her moves here are quite impressive.

To be noted, I think this second sequel of Bring It On! is a lot better than its prequels. I haven’t watched the first sequel, but compared with Bring It On, it’s so much better. Oh, Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst are fine though.

If you wonder why you didn’t see this movie in cinema, then here’s the answer. Because it is only distributed on DVD. Hm…I wonder why the company didn’t release it on cinema. Maybe because it’s a cheerleader movie?

The songs are great! I am falling in love with “Doin’ With Him” by Guss Car (he played Jesse, the love interest of Hayden in this movie), and also “Come With It” by Danielle Savre. But the most bouncy one is “Solo Star” by Solange Knowles. I just feel dancing when I hear it!


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