TMNT 2007 (2007)

Time for review.

TMNT 2007 is awesome! A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I rate it 9 out of 10. Its graphics are really really detail therefore even personally, I can compare it with LORT. It’s super COOL. My personal faves are :1)  When Stone Soldiers faced their armies. It almost the same with one of LOTR’s scene where Gandalf came back from his journey looking for some help at Helm’s Deep battle (Two Towers).

2) When Michaelangelo used his skateboard! Woohooo! Looks really fun and really really real!

–Spoiler alert–

Hm, I don’t know whether this can be considered as spoilers as I found out that Wikipedia has wrote this. But anyway,

The story started with the view from 3,000 years ago, when the Stone Soldiers conquered efforts to rule the world. But when they were almost finally did that, the oldest of them opened a portal to other dimension in order to get magnificent power. Well, he did get it. But with the power, also came : 13 monsters who eventually destroyed their armies ; strange power that made the other brothers stoned ; and the worst : immortality.

Then we moved to a jungle with a legend called Ghost of The Jungle. Everyone that came to ruined the village around that jungle will be punished by that Ghost. April O’Neil, which was in quest of finding some antiques by request from Max Winters who was a powerful millionaire, found out that the Ghost is actually Leonardo.

They shared stories once they met about Donatello, Raphael, and of course Michaelangelo (my fave!). April told him to go back from his training since his brothers needed him. But Leo told her no and suddenly disappeared.

Back to New York. The other brothers start to fight each other about them being hid from crimes and did nothing. Meanwhile Raphael who was happened to be the Nightwatcher, getting busy with crimes in New York with his brothers knew nothing. Splinter Sensei who realized that his sons were getting annoyed by the fact that Leo was not there, told them to stick to his order.

Meanwhile, Max Winter who was the Immortal Knight, finally gathered his stoned brothers with April’s help. He also made an agreement with Foot Clan ninjas to report the situation of New York without telling them that 13 monsters from 3,000 years ago had already in New York.

Winters awakened his brothers, and told them to catch all 13 monsters helped by Foot Clan in order to break the curse of immortality which he had been suffered for 3,000 years. But it turned out that his brothers didn’t want to be a mortal. Winter’s once betrayed them, and their brotherdhood was broken.

But not with the Turtles. Even though Raphael felt uneasy with Leo being gone and suddenly went back to NY hence resulted them in a fight until Raphael broke Leo’s sword, their brotherhood remains the same. It showed when the Stone Soldiers took Leo instead of Raphael (they mistook Leo as Raphael. Yeah, they’re all look the same ^^) as the 13th monster so the curse will never be broken, Raphael really intended to save his oldest brother.

And the story continued with a fight between the Turtles encountered by the Stone Soldiers while Foot Clan tried to find the real 13th monster. Well, you can guess what happened next. As well as the ending ^^

–end of spoiler–

One thing that I think this movie was lacking of is the story. When the movie reached the middle of it, somehow I just ‘huh? what? how come?’. Then I asked Ayang and we both agreed that the story is not as strong as the effects. I told you, the effects are really really GREAT. But the story was not clear. Still worth watching, anyway. And I don’t really mind paying S$9.5 for it 😀 . Totally worthy.


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