Pirates of The Caribbean : At World’s End (2007)

I still regret that this movie hadn’t been provided with English subtitles! Why? I’m not an American, and this movie still used old vocabulary (which is very very difficult, if you ask me). Without subtitles, it made me even harder to understand the story. Luckily, Wikipedia came to rescue! A night before I watched this movie, I read the spoiler at Wikipedia. So somewhat it helped me a lot. Hehe. 

After I watched this third movie, I chatted with Ramda, and had to agree with him that Pirates is the best movie for this summer. A wonderful 3 hours, I think. Especially since there were more jokes than the 1st and 2nd movie. Oh, and do not forget the porposal scene. It was cool! The last battle was really really amazing. Oh My God, I never thought that a pirate movie can be that good.

Orlando Bloom was still charming as ever, Keira Knightley amazed me with her strong personality as Elizabeth, and Johnny Deep had proved that he can be the coolest pirate ever! Just the way he talked and walked, and I just can’t believe that this is the same Johnny Deep who played Edward Scissorhands (of course you idiot, it was 10 years ago!). Oh, not to mention that Keith Richards who played Jack’s father. Hahaha. I laughed so hard on that scene where he pulled out the skull of his late wife when Jack asked “How was mom?” and got Jack again to answer for himself : “She looks…wonderful”. What a kind of joke!

And also the transformation of Tia Dalma into a Calypso. Hell good! Oh but scary also. It made me shiver a bit.

From the plot, it was really complicated. It wasn’t clear who was right, and who was wrong. It was quite confusing, really. Even been reading the plot before watching the movie still not enough.

But anyway, this movie was bringing us closer to the sea. Here you will find that sea is lovely, even man would love to die at it. From my personal opinion, I just think that sea is getting scarier and scarier to me. Haha. The special effect was great. Especially at the end of the movie.

Such a short review huh? Well, not much I can say. Especially if you have this kind of movie in front of you with big screen, a popcorn, and nice seat. Go enjoy the movie!

PS : Is it just me? Or because Chow Yun Fat played in this movie and said his famous line : “Welcome to Singapore” that all of the posters and pamphlets for this movie was quite big enough to be displayed at MRT stations? I’ve never seen a movie that got that kind of big promotion here. Hmm.


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