Fantastic 4 : Rise of The Silver Surfer (2007)

Just like another movie trailer, this movie served an amazing trailer, with lots of special scenes that were shot with perfect angle. That’s what I thought when I saw the trailer. Then I checked the schedule of this movie, and I found out that this movie will be released on June 15, when I’d be at my hometown.

*fast forward to the review*

This sequel was not so much better than the first one. Still has amazing visual effects, yes. But the story was quite…forced, I think. The history of the Silver Surfer was not clear. Even we only know that he came from a very far far away planet. The rest was a mystery (then uncle Wiki came to the rescue! Wooohhooo!). Then another unexplainable thing came out. Who the hell is that Planet Eater? How come such thing like that exists?? Humm.

The love story? So-so. I was not having that kind of tears or even emotion when I was watching. Sigh. The comedy is fine, though. Haha. That scene where Jhonny and The Rock Man (gee, I already forgot the name of that character. O well) exchanged body was kinda hillarious. Hm.

But the visual effect was good. Good as in….okay. Nothing spectacular. And even the last scene where The Silver Surfer was fighting the Eater, it’s just….went out like that. Hah. It would be more amazing if only the detail of the fighting was explained a lot clearer.

Overall, I had no special impression about this movie. My expectation is clearly ruined and maybe just over beyond the line. Haha.

Anyway, if you want maybe some light movie with lots of special effects quite enough to amuse your eyes, you can pick this one. Chris Evans is totally hot. So ladies, be happy 😀


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