Twilight (2007)

What’s my first impression of the first title of this saga?

So after searched through uncle Wiki about Twilight, I bought it at MPH along with The Alchemist (yeah I know, way too late for a good book). At first, I was hesitant to bought also the New Moon and Eclipse. I’ve never read Stephenie Meyer’s before. All I heard about Twilight was from my friend. And uncle Wiki didn’t help a lot . I didn’t know what to hope from New Moon and Eclipse. So I just stayed with the Twilight.

I read it as soon as I bought it. The opening was way too …… much with words. The point of view that Stephenie Meyer has taken was from Isabella’s. And the story started with Bella moving to Forks from Phoenixs.

I ran through every pages. Got confused with so many parts, until I reached the part where the romance started to bloom. Ah, okay, so this is what people are talking about, me thinks.

Nice love story. I will probably check the other two later.

(useless review, bleh)


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