New Moon (2007)

Here comes the 2nd title~

I bought New Moon last Wednesday before I went home. One of my friends said to me once I told her how I love Edward Cullen that I’d change my mind when I read the New Moon.

Then I got more curious than ever. I rushed to finish Twilight so I can get to the New Moon. Even on my plane back to Jakarta, I read Twilight. I finished Twilight on Dec 7. And I just rushed through New Moon, forgetting about The Alchemist. And even though I didn’t like how New Moon started….

Emotional reader alert.

I felt the angst every time I turn over pages, reading about how Bella’s been so awful since Edward left. And sometimes I even think of putting the book, because I just couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t even read one page more of Bella’s pain.

I might have liked Jacob more if I hadn’t read the whole spoiler on wikipedia at first place. But the way it turned out, it’s unbearable not to feel pity of Jacob after what he’d been through. Although I never liked someone that cheerful to be hanging around with, I just couldn’t ignore that he was really a good kid (I said kid, because he was only 16, for God’s sake). He helped Bella a lot while the pain was really unbearable.

But still, that Edward must had something inside him that made me only being focused to him, forgetting completely about Jacob. But I guess that’s my objective took over me, not paying attention clearly to the story itself.

I feel so sorry for Jacob Black. But while some people said that Edward is not nice in this one…well, not really. Yes I noticed that he didn’t have so much pages on New Moon. In fact, Alice got more parts than him, the main attraction of Twilight.

After all, New Moon is such an angst festive. Don’t think I will re-read it again for such a long time. *takes tissue*


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