Eclipse (2007)

The third installment. Let’s see if it managed to hook me up..

I made a vow on the way home. That I will be patient of reading this one. I have to spare my time of learning C++ with reading the book and also with my vids.

But that vow was useless. Because once I opened Eclipse’s pages, I just couldn’t put it down! Really!

I started reading it on 6 pm. And I finished it by 5 am the next morning.

But I’m becoming more and more annoyed by Jacob. Okay, I am biased like that :p. Sorry to say.

I wondered at first, when would Jacob realize that Bella was not interested on him more than a friend. He kept repeating that Bella did love him, only she wasn’t realized her love to him yet. Leading to a somewhat forced kiss.

And the kid threatened Bella, made her asking him to kiss her just to be sure that Jacob would be back after he’s done fighting with Victoria’s army. Well I thought at first that it wouldn’t work on Bella. What kind of sane girl would throw away Edward Cullen for Jacob Black?

But this biased reader was wrong. Truthfully, I hate to read the page when Bella finally admitted that she did loved Jacob and that Jacob was right all the way.

And I was really really more upset when Edward said it was okay to Bella. He didn’t even seem to be mad at all. Yes he was hurt. I don’t really need Stephenie Meyer explaining that with her words. If you truly love someone, that kind of scene (especially when you can read other’s mind like Edward) will hurt you all the time for sure.

And in the end, I was hating Bella more than I was annoyed by Jacob.

But here’s my thought after re-reading it (I was skimming lots of Jacob-Bella moments when I first read it lol): There’s no one to be blamed.

I couldn’t blame Jacob because it wasn’t his fault from the beginning. He just fell in love, as simply as that. His annoying behaviour (still, for me) doesn’t make me forget that he’s a human after all. Not a normal human. but still, a human.

He loved Bella because of her. And it’s completely understandable if you want to fight for the love of the person that you loved. In the end, Jacob did understand that Bella couldn’t love him as much as she loved Edward. That’s the most mature scene of Jacob. And even though I didn’t like to admit it, I was completely smiling when I read those lines of Jacob.

As for Edward, as perfect as he is, he got some falls too. As an OTP shipper, it wasn’t a pleasant moment when I was reading New Moon. And sometimes I felt like I want to hurt Edward for making Bella that miserable. I know that Bella would think that what Edward did was completely unselfish. But i still think that it was so selfish of him. Couldn’t he think, about how bad would Bella be without him even only for a day?

Like Edward said, he could earn some forgiveness, but he couldn’t escape the consquences that followed his actions. And Jacob was there for Bella, when he wasn’t. The damages were done, but Edward got some price to be paid for that.

And I really couldn’t be mad with Edward’s reaction about Bella loving Jacob back. Because I might do the same if i were in his position. I will realize that yes I was wrong.

Bella? I won’t pretend that I have never ever seen a case similar with hers. Loving two people at once. It’s possible. And I wouldn’t argue with the sane reasons. Because there’s none.

First she loved Edward. That’s for sure. And without that, I wouldn’t be falling in love with Twilight (Cam had her share in this thing too). But then Jacob appeared, and if I were in her position, I might had the same feeling for Jacob.


I must say that reading Eclipse has been my new record. The record was held by Deathly Hallows for two days straight. But Ecplise had broke it by 12 hours straight. This was crazy, I know. But i think it’s worthy though, because Stephenie Meyer’s is clearly worth waiting for.

Hers are going to be on my fave list for long time. I need a replacement as JKR stopped HP series :P.

I am really really curious with the 4th one though. As much as I want Bella to be with Edward, I’m kinda afraid with what will appear in the 4th one.

Biased reader is biased after all :p


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