Meg Cabot with “Every Boy’s Got One”

Ha. I never thought that I’d read another book by Meg Cabot. I’m not that big fan of Princess Diaries’ series and I’m not even a fan of chick-lit or teen-lit.

Believe it or not, the first thing that attracted me with this book was the cover. Yeah, the cover was cute enough to make me buy it at first place.

The combination of colors on it was really my favorite. Clean white as the base, and some cartoons on it. Lovely. And I spent only 17 SGD for it.

Now about the story.

Um, still Meg Cabot’s style. The story flows just like Princess Diaries’ series. But there are some differences :

  • Princess’ series is using diary’s page to tell the story. Every Boy’s is using the combination between journals, emails, and PDA’s note.
  • Princess’ series is based on Mia’s words, while Every Boy’s is using each person’s point of view depends on what medium that has been used to tell the story.

To be honest, I like this book more than Princess’ series. Maybe it’s because how Meg Cabot is using so many mediums and different point of views to tell the story, hence no matter how simple the main story is, this book is still interesting for me.

The story is about Jane Harris, a cartoonist whose friend, Holly Caputo, is going to elope with the love of her life, Mark Levine. Jane herself encourages their eloping because she believes that Holly and Mark are destined to be together and be happily ever after despite what people said about them. The problem arises when Mark’s best friend, a very skeptic journalist named Cal Langdon, is coming along with them as Mark’s best man. Cal Langdon is not only hot, but he’s also an anti-marriage. What’s Jane going to do with the possibility of Cal might make Mark changes his mind from marrying Holly? And with Cal who thinks that an artist is just another funny job in this world?

Well, Italy might have something to do with them.. after all, Holly said that Cal is totally Jane’s type.

If you are looking for a simple yet romantic story, you may want to give this book a try 😉


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