Po gives some actions in “Kung Fu Panda”

Wowza. I watched this movie twice. And yet, I still laughed a lot.

Kung Fu Panda is definitely a family movie. A perfect choice for school’s holiday, since there will be lots of kids who will watch it. That was the fact that annoyed me a lot actually, since when I watched this movie, there were lots of toddlers running away inside the theater. Can you believe that???

Ahem. Anyway, Kung Fu Panda is indeed a funny movie. Not only that, it’s a genius movie. I said genius because it brings back the child’s jokes while lots of supposed-to-be child’s movies are trapped with heavy theme like how important family is, how to treat friends nicely, etc. No offense, but in my opinion, child movie is supposed to be fun and entertaining. There will be times when they are about to know the hard things in life, but for now, can’t they just enjoy their childhood with a proper movie? Kung Fu Panda brought that kind of joy to the table.

It’s a very simple one. Po, a Panda who loves kung-fu, and eventually becomes the Dragon Warrior with his own style : funny and warm. The story flows so smooth, even though I still feel some things are missing. Maybe it’s because the run time which is only 92 minutes. It’s quite short, but maybe a too long movie is not good either. Remember that the target of this movie is children, which are the master of bored-with-long-movie. It’s a very important in making children’s movie IMO : how to make those young viewers to keep their eyes fixed to the screen. 

I was quite amazed to see the list of people who provided their voices for this movie. Jack Black is of course my favorite. He did Po’s justice and I really love how he interprets his Po. As for the rest of the casts, at first I really didn’t recognize Angelina Jolie and Lucy Liu there. Who would’ve thought that the Tigress is a she? Haha. Lucy Liu didn’t have too many lines here, the same goes with Jackie Chan who provided the voice of the Monkey. Dustin Hoffman becomes Master Shifu, and he did it brilliantly.

I have some of favorite scenes in this movie :

  • The cutest moment
    Flash back to Tai Lung’s childhood. Holy crap, he was totally cute when he was a kitten :D.
  • The most beautiful and meaningful moment
    When Oogway parted from Shifu. The petals of peach tree were everywhere and the departing of Oogway was very touching (okay I admit, I almost cried).
  • The funniest moment
    Bouncing Po. Haha. I always wonder how a big fat Panda like him didn’t crush the stairs everytime he falls.

And the point that makes Kung Fu Panda very different from any child’s movie : The Matrix’s moves. It’s everywhere! :D. I found it very amusing and very unique. The fact that there are some scenes which are being slowed just make this movie even more hilarious :D.

I recommend you to watch this movie. Even twice, like me :P.

OH. And “Kung Fu Fighting” is really a must have song. Good job, Hans Zimmer.


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