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Did Sakamoto Maaya catch your heart with “You can’t catch me”?

I feel like doing a review and despite my lousy English, I am trying it now.

Sakamoto Maaya has been my favorite seiyuu since years ago, and I never get tired listening to her voice singing some of my favorite anime tunes. Who can forget her sweet voice for Card Captor Sakura’s Platinum and Tsubasa Chronicles’s LOOP? I can’t.

While she’s a great seiyuu and a great anime-themesong singer, I wasn’t sure about her being a pop singer. But I decided to give her latest album a try. And I don’t know a lot about those names supporting Maaya in this album, so please take this review as an essay from Maaya’s fan 🙂 I promise I won’t be too biased :p

♥ You can’t catch me ♥
» Sakamoto Maaya

The album title and cover kinda caught me off guard. Is there a connection between the bus and the title? Nice touch to put that title on the bus’ body. Me likes 😀

What to expect from Maaya?

(1) eternal return
As expected from an opening track, Maaya started with a fast-paced track. It’s a good choice, but somehow this doesn’t appeal much to me.

(2) Himitsu
Then it moved to second song, which is ‘Himitsu’. Not really my liking for Maaya’s voice. The instruments’ sounds are too ‘bam’ and at some points I felt like Maaya’s voice were buried under the heavy sounds.

Next track is DOWN TOWN. The ska feeling that I got since the very beginning is very uplifting. And some tingling tunes that occasionally added make this song sounds cute for me. While listening to this song, somehow I can picture an MV with Maaya running around chasing buses while some people dancing in the back. A cute song, perfectly fits for summer.

(4) Utsukushii Hito
Oooh, somehow the beginning of the song brought me into a Japanese edo era. It kinda gave a vibe of being at Inuyasha era. I think this song goes well with Maaya’s voice. And.. who could be the composer of this song other than Kanno Yoko? I always love her stuffs, and they always go along well with Maaya <33. Definitely my favorite track so far.

(5) KIMI NO SEI (Your Fault)
I was like, “Huh?” when I read the title. Kinda curious with what this song is about. So, let’s play~
Hmmm. I don’t know what to think about this song. I like this cause the composition reminds me of Maaya’s debut with anime songs. But compared to her previous tracks, this one is a bit bland. I kinda like the ending with just a simple string of guitar sound.

Another ballad comes from “ZERO TO ICHI”. Ah, ballad. While I am liking ballad most of the time, but coming from Maaya, I found it a bit lullaby-ish. I must say, everything that makes me sleepy is not my cup of tea.

(7) Mizuumi
“Mizuumi” is another ballad, and of course being a ballad, it started slow with a bit of music sounds like the one I can found in Owl City’s songs. But one ballad after another was making me even more sleepy..

(8) stand up, girls!
It contains a lot of marching sounds. Kinda fit the title and definitely a nice wake up call from the previous two ballads. I like the feel of this song, but I don’t think this fits Maaya.

(9) Mirai Chizu
I am liking “Mirai Chizu” instantly! I usually dislike song with such short phrases in its lyrics, but
that definitely works in this piece. This song makes me wanna jump and dance around :D. I recommend this track if you want an uplifting mood in the morning!

(10) Moonlight
The next track is “Moonlight”. From the title itself, I kinda guessed that it’s another ballad to add to the list. I kinda like this one better than “ZERO to ICHI” and “Mizuumi”. Idk, probably the lyrics itself add the mellow feeling of this song. And somehow, Maaya sounded more emotional singing this song.

(11) Tegami (Letter)
I don’t know what to expect from “Tegami” other than another ballad. It opened with a string of accoustic guitar which I like. As Maaya started singing, the guitar continued. Oooh, anything with accoustic guitar interests me (one of many reasons why I love YUI), to be honest. And “Tegami” definitely drew me in. Aw, and the lyric is so cute.

(12) TOPIA
The last track in this album is “TOPIA”. At first I was thinking that it must be a song about breaking free or something. TOPIA -> UTOPIA? So, will it be a fast-paced track? Oh, apparently Maaya chose to close this album with another slow song. It’s nice, but I think it’s too … soft. I was expecting a more slow but powerful number to close this album. But I guess this also works.



I don’t think Maaya drifted far from her anime-tune style in this album. But I am not a music expert, so in my opinion, most of tracks in this album go well with her voice. The highlights for me in this album are Utsukushii Hito and Mirai Chizu. While I wasn’t that impressed with her ballads, I am definitely liking her up-beat tracks more.

Rating: 3.5/5


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