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LYn brings the sexy back with “Metro Sexy 7”

Hellow~ what is this? My very first KPOP album review and it’s not even from my biases! LOL. I chose this LYn album because it’s a mini album and I am still not confident enough to do a review from a full album, so yea, I think this is good enough for now ;).

Erm, I mean, I hope.

Metro Sexy 7

I absolutely adore LYn’s voice. For me, her voice is one of the strongest voices of female Kpop singers I’ve ever heard so far. So, i think I should check her latest mini album which was just out few days ago.

(1)Love Me For Me
When the first verse was out with kinda ‘lazy’ voice from Lyn, I suddenly remembered it as a style of certain Western artist that I still can’t remember until now. I felt like I’ve heard that style so often, but I still couldn’t recall who is it.

It’s such a nice breezy song to lull you to sleep at night. But I am not a big fan of this kind of song, so pretty much I just enjoyed the lyrics. I love her English btw! Lyn’s English definitely is not the best, but she’s way much better than any Korean artists that I have listened so far (yes, Lee Jonghyun, I am talking to you).

(2)Me Myself
Jazzy track. Actually, jazz is never my forte, so I don’t have much to talk about. This is another song about being yourself. I just noticed that this mini album is so self-centered haha. But that’s a cool theme though: female empowerment ftw!

(3)전화해/Call Me
I have a weird liking to songs that others called filler songs or whatsoever. Just from the first beat, I am already liking this track. So summer-ish, so light, so happy-go-lucky, and totally suits that feeling when you just want to run to someone you love (totally cheesy, but I am cheesy anyway lol). What I like is even though it’s so called an upbeat song, Lyn still managed to keep her voice strong and steady. Not too much of background noises keeps the song clean hence keeping Lyn’s voice clear. Me likes!

(4)Make It Rock (with 단비, 성현)
Oooh! Dance/rock theme! “Get groovin’~, get groovin’~” just signals you to go to a club and dance with friends. Am not a big fan of the chorus, but this is a song that I will definitely put on my playlist whenever I have the mood for having fun. Or.. probably when I jog.

Conclusion: I have a fetish for Asian singers who can sing English verses (doesn’t need to be a song!) in their songs with right spelling and make it sound believable. LYn is one of a few that can do that. And along with her rich and sweet voice, this mini album totally deserves a favorite spot in my book!

Rating: 4.5/5


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