Jdrama Summer 2011 – Preview (part 1)

It’s summer! And I start picking up jdramas again after totally dropping them the last two seasons. This season has quite a lot of dramas that I find quite interesting. So I check most of their first episodes. Here are my verdicts!

1. Detective Conan – Live Version

The last time I saw Conan before this drama version was when I checked its latest SP last April, which wasn’t that bad, but not that interesting either. I have never been a big fan of Mizobata Junpei, and the story was weird. But this is Conan we’re talking about, so ‘weird’ is already its middle name.

I decided to check this drama because :
1) It’s said that this drama revolves around series of events that took place 100 days before Shinichi transformed into Conan. Not many info after that, so I was curious with how the story was going to be made with a background story like that.
2) Shinichi-Ran look cute.
LOL, yes. I am a sucker when it comes to a cute couple. And it is the first time I really approve actor-actress couple who play Ran-Shinichi. Oguri Shun and his Ran was bleh. No chemistry at all, and I absolutely hate how he portrayed Shinichi.

The main plot is like this: Shinichi, Ran, and Kogoro are trapped in a big white room with many connecting doors and they can only get out if they can solve keywords connected with some cases that Shinichi has solved in the past. They have no idea who trapped them in that room, and it’s another mystery to be solved.

Episode 1 and 2 were okay for me. But I have some complaints though:
1) What the heck is Kogoro character doing there? Okay, maybe it’s for comedy part, but he totally ruins a lot of Shinichi-Ran’s moments.
2) The cases were not strong enough for me, and some dialogues sounded weird. But I guess it’s all scriptwriters. Somehow I doubt Aoyama Gosho has his contributions for this drama version.

2. HANA KIMI 2011
…Or whatever its real title is.

I adore Hana Kimi. I may not be a big fan, but Hana Kimi is one of those dramas that I am sure will leave deep impression for any Jdrama lovers. You have Horikita Maki, Oguri Shun, Mizushima Hiro, Ikuta Toma, and any other big names in one drama. For most of them, Hana Kimi is like their big stepping stone. And it’s already a proof that Hana Kimi is something.

So, when I first heard the news of its complete remake for this year, I was totally skeptical. But I tried to think positive, still. I was sure that it won’t beat the original version, but I was still thinking that I would give it a try.

Not until I heard that an AKB member will play Ashiya Mizuki role. I was completely MEH. *facepalm*

First of all, if there’s any AKB fans that read this, I am sorry, Maeda Atsuko fails. Sure, she looked more boyish than Maki (who was too cute for playing a boy), but she tried so hard to copy Maki’s style that it looked really fake for me.

I like Nakamura Aoi ever since his QED days. I like his chemistry with Takamura Ai (yes, I can stand Musume member) and he’s totally Toma So for me. Although I cringed about his kissing scene with Nino in Ooku, I still adore the boy. But his portrayal of Sano Izumi is really weak. He’s too pretty to be a cool Sano Izumi, me thinks.

But there’s a big surprise here! I totally love Miura Shohei’s Nakatsu! Not that I don’t like Toma’s Nakatsu. But I always think that there was something lacking with Toma’s portrayal of Nakatsu. Shohei Miura plays Nakatsu very well. He’s funny, he’s careless, and he’s just… Nakatsu.

Although I like most of the cast, I am not sure if I am still going to continue watching this. I may do that if there’s an improvement with Maeda’s acting, cause that’s one of those things that keep me away from this drama for now.

3. Zenkai Girl

I wasn’t that interested at all with the plot at first. And I admit, I only watched its first episode because I got some spare time last week.


Zenkai Girl pictures the reality in Japanese society (which I truly believe), and Gakky played her role very well that I am really surprised. I’ve never been a big fan of Gakky, and most of her roles are forgettable. But she’s improving, and I give her a round of applause for her performance here.

Now, Nishikido Ryo. The last drama of him that I watched was JOKER with Anne. I remember I didn’t really dig his character in that one cause I was totally absorbed with Sakai Masato’s Date. It seems that after JOKER, he took some light roles. Last season he starred in a family drama (with a dog… weird), and now he played a role as a single father, which I think really suits him!

Ahem, but there was one scene that I think was not appropriate. Highlight following sentence for spoiler :

SERIOUSLY, a 5 year-old girl kissed a 5 year-old boy on the lips? ON TV? Japan, we’re still Asians, you know!

Aside from that, Zenkai Girl is hilarious, funny, and smart. And I totally look forward for its episode 2.

4. Ikemen Desu Ne

Now, onto the drama that already sparked a lot of interest ever since it was announced.

“You Are Beautiful” (YAB) is one of the Kdramas that I recently watched. And I love it. I love the plot, I love the story, I love the actors and actresses, I love its OST. And although I hate Yonghwa’s acting, I still can bear it because the rest of the drama is nice.

Its Japanese remake? Not so much.

The acting is bad (beyond bad, for those Jhonny’s). I cringe all the time while watching it. And don’t even let me go near the singing part cause they totally ruin it. I totally lost my words when I listened to Japanese “Promise”.

And the lead actress. Watching her pained me a lot that I just wanted to drag Park Shin Hye to Japan so she couldn’t film Heartstrings and beg her to just do the Japanese YAB altogether.


That’s all for part 1. I haven’t got the time to watch the rest of the first episodes for this summer season. So, next on my list:

1) OURAN (still waiting for RAW)
2) Zettai Reido 2 (no subs yet, I hope someone will sub it soon)
3) (maybe) IS (one controversial drama, not really my forte, but I may give it a try)


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