Heiji and Kazuha come to life!

Yeahhh. The moment! Haha.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for another characters to appear in Conan live series. There’s something about this jdrama that makes me keep following it closely despite the cases that are seriously lacking something called creativity (imo). Although the recent one is quite interesting, but I am biased like that because I love Math lol.

Anyway, the news hit the website today that Hattori Heiji and Toyama Kazuha character will appear in episode 9! And I am so excited cause my oh my, doesn’t the cast look just purfect?!

But, the name of Matsuzaka Tori and Okamoto Rei didn’t ring a bell for me, so I curiously looked around, find out more after the cut 😀

Matsuzaka Tori

He’s 88 liner, a year older than Mizobata Junpei. Nice, so they’re not far away in age. I hope I can see a little bit of bromance (although it’s not that possible, since I don’t know how many episodes Matsuzaka is going to be in).

But unlike Junpei, seems like Matsuzaka hasn’t really got popular dramas under his belt. The only one that I can recognize from his drama list is GOLD. And I haven’t managed to watch that one although Amami Yuki is in it and apparently Matsuzaka acted as Amami’s son. I may dig up some GOLD episodes later.

Other than that, not many information I can found. Will add more later.

Okamoto Rei

Wow, this 91 liner surely has more screen time in some popular dramas. From BOSS, Tumbling, and she was in Freeter too! Ah, that Akari girl who Maruyama Ryuhei was chasing. No wonder her face looked familiar to me.

I was delighted that this girl is from Kansai! Means that we will get some real Kazuha. I can’t wait to hear their Kansai-ben. Okamoto comes from the same agency like Junpei. And she’s around the same age like Kutsuna Shiori (Ran) too!

(and she’s so cute!)




I am excited for these cast. I hope episode 9 will deliver!

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