Mighty heroine works with “Protect The Boss”


I think I always have a toothache everytime I watch this drama cause it is just so so so sweet and adorably cute in a good way. It’s been 5 episodes so far, and I absolutely adore the casts, the story, the plot, and the whole package.

The two OTPs are just asadfgk;; so perfect together that I almost don’t want them to settle the love story yet cause theirs are not just an ordinary one (you know, the usual love plot, good girl falls in love with bad guy yada yada yada). It’s so unique that I just want to continue watching it.

I love drama that can make me squeal just by watching the casts interacting together, LOL. That, and Kim Jaejoong!

Okay, enough of fangirl moment :p. Time for some serious review.

I don’t feel like bore you guys with the synopsis of the drama (wikipedia will provide more than just a synopsis). So I am going straight to my opinion about it.

What makes Protect the Boss special?

Everyone has their own reason. But for me, it’s special because the story of Protect the Boss is not centered around the main OTP and how they resolve their issues together yada yada yada. It touches everyone around the main casts and the amazing thing is: there’s no single character that is created to be hated. 

Every character in PtB is so human. They are not freaking evil or so angelic like other dramas used to portray. They are just like what ordinary people look like. Their reactions and their behavior are so natural that I don’t feel like watching a drama.

The pace of the story is also quite fast, which is very new for me (well, I haven’t watched a lot of Kdramas yet), and I am loving it. No beating around the bush, everything is open, and even the supporting casts are great. They fit perfectly into the plot, and their characters are so vibrant I never get bored watching them.

If I have to sum up what is PtB about, that it is about a story of growing up. About opening ourselves to other worlds around us. To break our shell and just be someone that we’re happy to be.

So, enough of my rambling :p. You better watch for yourself cause it won’t disappoint you. Kim Jaejoong~!!


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