BLUE warms up at ION Orchard (23.10.11)

Here goes the background story.

Blue was my very first boy band crush. Of course, I also like other boy bands like other teenagers around my age. Heck, I even felt a pang in my heart when I heard that Westlife is going to disband soon. Sadface. But Blue was the only one that successfully made me buy all their albums (minus the best one). For a high-schooler with limited allowance, buying an album was a big spending for me at that time. And the fact that I DID spend that amount of money on Blue was a big surprise for me too xD.

I really really wanted to go to their concert. I know it was nearly impossible for me, but a girl could hope right? I even envied my boyfriend when I heard that Blue came to Singapore for MTV Asia Award in 2004 when he weren’t even in Singapore yet. So silly, but the thought of him, being able to be in a country where Blue was, while I wasn’t, made me sad.

And imagine how heartbroken I was when I heard that they decided to disband in 2005. I haven’t even had a chance to see their concert yet 😦 (And I cursed Elton John silently)

Last year, I heard the news that Blue is reunited again and they’re planning to release a new album soon. I was nearly jumping from my chair when the rumour is confirmed. This time, perhaps, I can see them in a concert. Just like I dreamed a few years back.

Until one day, I heard from a junior of mine that Blue was going to be at ION Orchard for a small concert.

*blank face*

I didn’t even know that they were in Singapore. And a small concert? Free? I almost went nuts xD.

So, Saturday night, while my boyfriend chose to exile himself at Kinokuniya, I joined the crowd in front of ION Orchard. The ‘official’ starting time was supposed to be 7 pm. But I knew if that happened, it’s too good to be true. 7.30 pm, and finally the show started.

It opened with performance from an Australian actress (?). She danced with her crew to one of Christina Aguilera’s song. And to be honest, I didn’t really care much. The MC said that she’s going to be in Cirque d’ Soeil show, but again, I didn’t care. Seems like most of the crowd agreed with me. Only a handful of them were cheering when the actress performed. And I suspect it was because they were the ones closest with the stage.

Then it continued with the fashion show which was supposed to be the main attraction. But who are they kidding? Of course it’s not the one that attracted the crowd the most, especially when the prices of the clothes are so expensive (it’s ION, what do you expect?).

And MC knew that. So when finally the fashion show ended, she said to the crowd, “So, here’s the one that you all are REALLY waiting for. BLUE!”

And then, around 8.15. THEY WERE OUT.

The last thing I remember before I went crazy and screaming with the crowd is sending text to <lj user=”k1ru”> telling her that the concert was about to start xD

  • Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, You Make Me Wanna, Breathe Easy

They started with ballads, as expected. I think they wanted to warm up the crowd. “Sorry” is my least favorite single of Blue. And the fact that they performed it with Elton John is just bleh to me. I know the man is great, but he was the one who suggested Blue to disband back in 2005. I hate him ever since.

Anyway, “You Make Me Wanna” was totally a song to play with crowd xD. If my memory didn’t fail me, I remember Simon (or was it Duncan?) sang the line “You make me wanna~” while pointing at the crowd, and the girls went crazyyy.

Next was “Breathe Easy”. Still a good ballad, but just not my favourite. I wonder why I rarely like Blue’s ballads.

  • All Rise, Fly By, If You Come Back

They hit the crowd again with “All Rise”. And I totally forgot everything and everyone around me xD. What do you expect? This song is my first love ever to Blue and I’ve memorized its lyrics since 10 years ago. I even sang the Simon’s rap. Gosh, such a memory. Blue totally enjoyed the crowd, vice versa. I noticed lots of people around me repeating the chorus effortlessly, “One for the money and the free ride~ All rise~ All rise!”

“Fly By” was next. GAH. Their first album is not their best, but it’s totally my favourite, and if they kept singing songs from that album (I know it’s impossible, but anyway), I was afraid that I was going to go nuts xD.

When the intro for “If You Come Back” was out, I went totally emo lol. It’s totally nostalgic to see all of them singing this song. Duncan and Anthony interacted with the fans so often I pitied myself not getting the front seats 😦 I don’t have any favourite in Blue, so any member would be fine as long as I can see them up close.

After “If You Come Back”, Blue said goodbye and I was like “WTH!” I knew that something’s wrong. Blue won’t ever forget that one song they sang back in 2004 here in Singapore. Then the lady MC went to the stage, and of course, an encore (I was screaming like crazy).

Encore – One Love

“One Love” was the last song. The crowd went wild. I didn’t remember clearly, but the chorus “One love~” was really really loud. I wish this open concert was recorded and being sold somewhere, I am totally going to buy it.

Seven songs weren’t enough 😦 They didn’t even perform “Guilty” and “Best In Me”. I swear I would’ve totally melted into a puddle of goo if they sang “Best In Me”. But anyway, this open concert was nice. At least it’s free xD

Some random note:

-Simon took some pictures of the crowd while singing. That guy is so so nice.

-Duncan wore scarf and jacket at the beginning. LOL. Did he forget that this is a tropical country?

-Anthony’s voice was off very often 😦 I know that he’s not the strongest one in Blue, but he wasn’t that bad back then.

-Lee’s high notes are asdfgk;; Although there were some too high-pitched notes, but his voice is still gorgeous. I actually love his first solo album, but he went downhill after that, and I totally lost the awesome Lee.

-I think there were some 2PM fan boys around me. And not gonna lie, they kinda pissed me off. Here’s the story: Simon was saying “Put your hands up!” quite often that night. And after he said that, those guys joked around with those words, singing that “Hands up!” song from 2PM. It irked me because hellow~, this is Blue’s concert, not 2PM’s! Go somewhere else if you want to sing 2PM’s song. (I don’t hate 2PM, but those guys really annoyed me)

Anyway, after “One Love”, it’s finished. Although Blue went to the stage again for the closing ceremony. I was worn out xD. If only I could go to their concert when I was still a teenager, perhaps I would scream even louder xD.

The guys said that their next album is going to be out on Easter 2012. Can’t wait!

Meanwhile, I am a happy fangirl ❤



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