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KARA blooms with “The First Blooming”

I’ve heard a lot that in the beginning of their debut, KARA was supposed to be the next Fin K.L or something like that. And I love that their debut album proved it to be right.

Despite the title, “Broken Promise” is such a sweet song that we often found as filler in any Kpop album. But it’s nice to open an album with such song like this, considering how kpop album nowadays tend to present a ‘heavy’ intro song.

“Break It” is their title track from this album. And been listening to Kara’s bubblegum songs, I was taken a back with this track. Kara had such a big potential to be a ‘different’ girl group back then. Have they followed this track, I wonder how different they would have been now.

The third track is “If U Wanna”. It opens with a bit of rap. And although the rap is a bit out of place (imo), but I appreciate their attempt to put a different feel to this another sweet song.

“Secret World” still carries the pop tune. And somehow it sounds familiar with some tracks from those 90s pop songs. I must say, so far this album has been quite solid.

With “Don’t Be Shy”, here comes the first slow tempo song from this album. I feel like listening to one of Eye to Eye’s songs. This track has a bit of jazzy tunes in it. And hey, it’s nice.

“Two of Us” sounds very happy and summer-ish. The whole melody is light and I really enjoy the girls’ voice. “I’ll Be There” follows next as the first ballad. And man, such a sweet ballad it is. I admit, I was pretty amazed with how sweet Gyuri’s voice can be.

“Tear Eraser” closes the album. And I am not surprised that it’s another ballad. It’s pretty common to have a ballad as the last track of an album. But to be honest, I find this track is the weakest. I don’t hate ballad, but “Tear Eraser” is not a good one.

Conclusion: ¬†As a new fan, I was surprised to finally listen to Kara’s debut back then. This album is pretty good and it showcases their voices so well. DSP had a good concept for Kara, but it’s a pity that they fall into ‘trend’ with so many autotunes.


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