Are you adventurous enough to go with “The Adventures of Tintin”?

First, let me say this. Tin Tin’s graphic was awesomely done that I almost forgot that I was watching a performance- capture movie instead of a live one. As someone who’s easily amazed by the smoothness of graphic visual, the first reaction when I noticed that in this movie was WOW.

Now I’ve let that out off my chest, let’s get into other kind of aspects.

Story-wise: I am not a fan of Tin Tin. And to be honest, I watched this because of those big names like Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Hence, I didn’t know much about how the original story evolved. I went without hope and well, I was enterntained enough while I had some ‘huh?’ moments.

There were some disjointed scenes that I don’t think were being explained clearly, and they confused me. But the whole movie was clear enough. And for that, as a newbie in Tin Tin world, I am thankful. At least I wasn’t sitting there questioning how the hell Tin Tin knew about the whole Haddock’s family story (a scene in the library where Tin Tin found out about mystery of Unicorn was enough to enlighten me).

Comedic scenes: An adaptation of a comic book doesn’t seem complete without any comedic scenes. There were enough funny scenes that will keep you laughing (at least, smiling) for the rest of the movies. Most of them involved Captain Haddock and Snowie (and a random dog). And of course, the twin detectives.

Character-wise: Again, I don’t know much about Tin Tin universe. But I was freakingly annoyed with Captain Haddock character. When he was drunk, he’s stupid. When he was sober, he is even more stupid. And that certain character just had to be the central key for the mystery. Not that I against this kind of plot (we’ve seen this kind of line in some other movies, I am pretty sure), but the way he recovered his memory for solving the Unicorn mystery was really lame, and in my opinion, absurd. So.. he must be sober to get his memory back, and then .. he acted out those memories by adopting his grandfather’s persona. WTH. The whole fiasco of getting his memories sorted out was really random.

Tin Tin was okay. He’s a journalist. And never once I came across a journalist-turn-out-hero character who’s not a likeable type (Peter Parker, anyone?).

The villain character, Mr. Sakharine (I grinned when I heard the character’s name. It sounds like a joke when you named a villain character with something that sounds like a word that literally means ‘sweet’) was meh. Yes, I do understand that he wants to have some revenge for his granddaddy. But, I just don’t feel like he’s cruel enough. Maybe it’s just me.

Thomson and Thomson feels like just side characters being thrown randomly in some scenes. For those who don’t have any clue at all about Tin Tin’s original story may just think that these characters are some filler. And I can’t help but feeling that they were there solely just to be participants in comedic scenes I’ve mentioned above. Same goes for the picpocket old guy. Seriously, do they really need this character just to make sure that someone stole Tin Tin’s wallet?

In conclusion. Did I enjoy Tin Tin? Yes. Did I enjoy it enough to think that it’s one of the best movies in 2011? No. I guess I was overwhelmed by Rotten Tomatoes’ rating.


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