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SHINee’s “Sherlock” teases our curiousity (…or not?)

This post will be updated from time to time as the new teasers appear later. 

Done with all the updates so far 🙂

So, SHINee’s comeback is set for March 21 with a mini album titled ‘Sherlock’. And for you who already know how kpop rolls, of course there will be teasers (and in EXO’s case, it’s bajillion teasers) to gear the fans up before the actual comeback happened. I have a bit of issue with the term of comeback, but for SHINee fans, this comeback of SHINee is indeed a long awaited one comeback. It’s been one and a half year ever since they ended the promotion of ‘Hello’ in Korea. So yes, the expectations are high.

And today, SM released the teaser for Minho’s part. And I went blank.

For the name of love and mercy, SM. What the heck you were thinking when you decided to made Minho posing like this?! I may get thousands of hate for this, but seriously. Crappy picture, bad styling, etc etc. I have only bad things to talk about Minho’s teaser image. Especially the hair.

The article stated that the concept will be ‘dreamy’ and ‘French-style’. Uh, really, I have a bad feeling about this. Don’t judge me, but I can only think several things that can connect those two concepts together, along with Minho’s teaser, and they’re not good. Here’s hoping for the first time that SM is indeed trolling with SHINee fans, because currently I am scared to think what Taemin’s and Key’s teaser are going to be. Oh yes, I am still quite traumatized with party-hat-Taemin of their Japanese album.

After Minho, SM revealed Taemin’s teasers today. And I’ve never felt the amount of rage towards SM like what I felt when I saw what they have done to the maknae. I never had the feeling of innocent boy from Taemin. Cute, yes. Sweet, absolutely. Mannered and polite, of course. But innocent, I don’t buy it. In fact, I kinda agree with what a fellow blogger, Michelle said in one of her post, that she feels that Taemin is the one that has more possibility of being a player rather than Jonghyun. So I am all for Taemin to get rid of his so-called innocent image. It’s about time anyway, considering that he’s already legal now.

But apparently, SM has another definition of ‘not-so-innocent’ image.

I became a SHINee fan (but I am not a Shawol, fyi) long after they released Lucifer. And to be frank, I am a big admirer of Taemin’s A.Mi.Go hair, when he had that black short hair, totally reflecting his age which was barely 16 back then. So of course when I watched Lucifer, I was baffled with his long hair. I was silently hoping that that was the last time I had to see Taemin with long hair.

And boom, the Sherlock teaser.

I screamed silently. I am pretty sure I am in the minority here, but I completely dislike Taemin’s. If Minho one looks cheap, then Taemin’s looks even cheaper. Not only he’s as skinny as stick, but his long hair is even longer than Lucifer one. And given that he already looks so pretty even without long hair, he looks even more feminine posing like that in the teaser. Not to mention the pose creeped me out, because seriously, who won’t get dirty mind seeing something like that? And it disturbed me greatly.

I had hope for SM giving more mature look for Taemin when I saw his W photoshoots (with Kai, etc). Well, I am half right, half wrong. I am right that SM gave him a mature look indeed. But I am so wrong to think that SM would give the fans something more sophisticated for Taemin. To quote what one of my friends tweeted: “This is literally a porn.” I can’t agree more.

Being an Onew-biased fan, of course I am scared with what SM is going to give for Onew teaser. Although I have a hope that somehow SM is not going to give him something.. autrocious. Onew always has that image of boy next door ever since SHINee debuted, and his fanbase is tied with that image of him for years.

So, I breathed a sigh of relief when at least his teasers were pretty tame. The shot of him wearing a blanket to cover his body is half disturbing though. But he looked adorable smiling his trademark smile. My complaint this time is about the hair. Good Lord, the hair. Did someone in SM suddenly gone bonkers and decided to throw Onew a random bowl cut hair? Taemin may look cute donning that sort of hairstyle (although this can be attributed to his naturaly adorable manner and face), but on Onew, it looks horrible. The stylists should stop swapping styles between SHINee members.

I have one more thing to be thankful for: no nipples! YAY.

Key was next. I was nervous and calm at the same time. Nervous because well, Key was always the one who got the weirdest thing on earth SHINee could wear. But I was also feeling calm because.. if I could handle his half-shaved Lucifer, I think I could brace myself to see whatever Key was going to show.

I couldn’t.

Because I never imagined there would be a day that I see KEY (it’s KEY!) as the manliest out of SHINee. And I think Key should really take modeling seriously, because he’s really good with camera. Apart from the bright green hair (was that green? or yellow?), everything looks quite okay for Key. I usually don’t prefer man wearing that much of accessories, but Key looks fine with them. The boy is not called a fashionista without reason.

Last, is our dino puppy Jonghyun. To be honest, I was indifferent with his teasers. Maybe it’s because I didn’t expect a lot from his photos. Not because I don’t like him, but I think it’s because I always think that he will eventually fall into this kind of photoshoot where you know, nipples are being shown. It’s just about a matter of when.

There is this picture from his teaser that I thought made him look different from the usual. Maybe it’s the hair? Or maybe it’s the angle of the picture? I don’t know. But I am pretty glad that his is at least look okay.

I was thinking that SM was ready to blow another big WTH photos after Minho and Taemin sets. But it seemed that it went downhill after that. I am relieved though. Maybe the company realized that the fandom didn’t react well with the ealier teasers? Oh well, since when does SM care about that?

The group pictures were out next. And those are the only one I dare to put in this review. Well, firstly because they are with shirt. And secondly, because it puzzled me to no end.

Are they some sort of hippies now? Sherlock hippies? Never once in my life I pictured Sherlock as a hippy. But, SHINee has always that weird concept flowing around them for years, so I guess we should just stick with it. Someday (maybe) SM will stop to give them bizarre things to do and wear.

Other things that have been floating around the fandom soon after that are:

  • Jonghyun giving the teaser of Sherlock

Jjong’s voice is as strong as ever. But to be honest, I wasn’t really impressed with the teaser that he has shown. Sherlock sounded mediocre.

  • Taemin and Key danced to the Sherlock chorus

Oh man, my hopes went downhill. I always adore these two as SHINee’s dancing machines, but the dance looks pretty easy (for the chorus) and not up to the standard of what SHINee has been performed. I am still hoping though.

  • Highlights of all the songs in the mini album

So last time I heard, Sherlock is going to be a hybrid of two songs in this album.

It is reported that this hybrid mix will be using two individual songs “Clue” and “Note“, both of which will be featured on the album, to mix and create one complete track “Sherlock


I am not sure of how they’re going to do that.. but I am interested to hear what is the full outcome is going to be. From the highlights, nothing interest me except for that last ballad Onew was singing. And I didn’t really warm up to “Strangers” (Jap version), so I am pretty sure I am not going to be interested with “Strangers” in Korean.

  • Some pretty pictures of the boys filming the MV

I AM SO GLAD. Taemin’s hair is short (phew), Onew’s hair is okay, Key looks amazing, still have an issue with Jonghyun’s new hair, but all in all, at least we’re going to have an MV with no weird hairstyles. And Onew, you don’t know how happy I am to finally see you again, healthy and happy.

I’ve listed down all things (that I know of) that SHINee has released so far for Sherlock. And I am still a bit wary, despite some hopes that I saw from recent news. Their comeback is going to be shadowed with Big Bang and other big names. Big Bang hasn’t finished promoting yet, and knowing that they are going to be promoting 6 songs in total, SHINee is going to get a tough competition. CNBLUE is also going to have their comeback soon after SHINee’s while 2AM is also still in the middle of their promotions.

I think it’s also about time SM stops giving fans something weird and bizarre for SHINee’s promotion. This has been said over and over again, but SHINee boys have passed that age of noona-bait. Onew is going to be 24 (Korean age) this year, and Taemin is legal now. Their fanbase are going to be even younger and younger now, and SHINee needs to be presented in more mature way (and by mature, I don’t mean erotica, SM). It would be a nice change too if SHINee be more involved with the whole production of their album. I know Jonghyun and Minho have written some lyrics for their songs, but they need to take a step further than that.

If SM allowed them, that is.


4 thoughts on “SHINee’s “Sherlock” teases our curiousity (…or not?)

    • Thank you for commenting 🙂 I don’t mind SM gearing SHINee towards more mature look. But this whole French concept is just cheap. Minho and Taemin need to eat (and exercise) more, like MUCH MORE.

    • Minho is already too skinny. To be honest, I don’t think anyone in SHINee other than Jonghyun can pull off topless-look. So yeah. *shrugs*

      Taemin’s teaser.. oh well, if you read what I added about Taemin’s teaser, you already know what my opinion is. The third picture of him in a some sort of web of light is not really helping. Honestly, that long hair of him is too distracting for me >.<

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