Ayam Bakar Wong Solo

Being an Indonesian (who can’t cook), I am always in a constant need of traditional food from my country. So, this evening, me and my boyfriend went to one of Indonesian restaurants here in Singapore, named Ayam Bakar Wong Solo.


This restaurant is really famous back home with multiple branches almost anywhere, but there’s only a franchise of it in Singapore. It’s located at Far East Plaza, near the Orchard MRT. Just like any other common Indonesian restaurants, Ayam Bakar Wong Solo occupies kinda a gloomy spot. Hmm, I wonder why.

Anyway, onto the food!

So, because I wasn’t really that hungry that night, I ordered gado-gado (vegetable salad with peanut sauce).


I wasn’t really expecting a very spicy peanut sauce, but I definitely like this kind of surprise. The vegetables inside are not really that much. Lots of cabbages, with some carrots and long beans. I was kinda disappointed with the number of cabbages, to be honest. Maybe because I am so used with having a lot of green veggies in my gado-gado. I also got a bit of tahu-tempe (tofu and fried fermented soy bean) in it. All in all, it was nice.

My boyfriend ordered the specialty of the restaurant, which was ayam bakar (grilled chicken). I was quite tempted to order the grilled rib, but the price is so expensive. Sigh. Maybe later.


Anyway, the grilled chicken’s spice was too sweet for my liking. But the sambal is really tasty! I think it’s made from personally smashed one. You know, that kind where you still have the chili outer skin? This is definitely my kind of sambal.

The chicken meat was so tender. I like the size of it. It’s ‘normal’. Not your usual size of fast food chicken :p

Last thing was the mango juice. It’s pricey, but it’s definitely worth the price. You can clearly taste the mango in it, not the mango syrup we often found in most drink stalls. It’s too sweet for me, but I think this is great for lunch. Sugar rush before you go back to office.


We cashed in 16.30 SGD in total. Not bad. And we will definitely come back for their grilled rib later! 😀


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