“Mirror Mirror”: Is it the fairest of them all?

The first of two adaptations of Snow White this year has finally graced the land of Singapore on April 5th. And it got me excited to watch it because of Julia Roberts attempting to tackle the evil queen role. If you’re familiar with her popular works, there’s no way you would forget how she’s all about the sweet girl-next-door (although sometimes with a dark past like in “Pretty Woman”). So, being a casual fan of Julia Roberts that I am, I was quite tempted to see how she would work on her “Mirror Mirror” role.

The first trailer was out like 4 months ago, and it was enough to increase my anticipation. Because for those who know me, I am all about comedy in a fairytale. Although the music in the beginning of the trailer kinda put me off and puzzled me a bit. A Bollywood music in a Hollywood movie?

But it kinda made sense when you figured out that the director is an Indian himself. Nice marketing trick.

The second trailer left me nothing to feel merely because it’s just first trailer with other scenes. But I was pretty happy to see more scenes of the 7 dwarves.

So, how is the verdict?

Just for a quick recap: “Mirror Mirror” told a story about Snow White (Lily Collins) who wants to fight back for her kingdom and break it free from a tyrannical government of her stepmother (Julia Roberts). It’s also kinda a triangle love story with a prince from other country (Armie Hammer). I know, I know. I also raised my eyebrows when I heard about the love triangle. Like, for real? But anyway, that’s how the adaptation went, so I just shrugged it off from my mind.

Long story short, Snow White, Prince, and with the help of 7 dwarfs, defeated the Queen. And they lived happily ever after.

Or did they?

Well, maybe they did. But my expectation definitely … doesn’t live that happy.

I expected a comedy ever since I first laid my eyes on Mirror Mirror. I did get that, but the comedy felt flat, with the exceptions of 7 dwarves scenes. The random supposed-to-be-jokes that were thrown around for the whole movie seemed to be forced. Well, first of all, none of the main casts is a comedian. Sure, Julia Roberts acted in romantic comedies before, but her attempts in this movie were not enough to make this movie felt alive. Her acting is A-class, but only not for this kind of movie.

Lily Collins is an okay for the Snow White. Her figure matches the details of Snow White to the T. She’s fair, she has black hair and red lips, and sort of adorable. But it was hard for me to believe in her fragility as Snow White. She got the looks, but not the character. If I didn’t buy her fragile Snow White, she also failed big time when she was supposed to change into another version of Snow White -which is the one who fights, literally.

Armie Hammer tried to be funny and charismatic at the same time, which sadly, didn’t work for him. I appreciated his efforts though. The man had his some epic moments in this movie. For example, that scene when he was acting like puppy because of ‘puppy love potion’.

To be honest, my salute goes for the supporting casts. Nathan Lane as the Queen’s servant did a great job, considering he’s already a professional (plus, his casting for Timon in Lion King definitely is another thing to be considered) in a comedic role, and the new version of 7 dwarves are another nice twist in this adptation. I am glad that they aren’t the 7 dwarves that we already know (all cute, adorable, etc). Instead they were fierce, harsh, and had quite dark pasts.

Although there were some parts that were absurd, for me it’s forgiven since this movie served exceptionally beautiful details. I love how detailed the costumes were, and the country was so beautifully covered with snow. And of course, the CG effects. I especially remember the one that took place when the Queen wanted to have a chit chat with her beloved mirror. Why? Because apparently, this particular CG effect showed us how this mirror was really.. sort of needing high maintenance.

Okay, so here’s how you are going to see the mirror. You needed to jump into another dimension (well, I supposed so) and entered a very deserted house (or a hut? whatever) in the middle of ocean where the mirror was placed.

…Say what? Yeah, I got that same reaction too.

“Mirror Mirror” is a nice movie for kids, and maybe for adults that are looking for light movie. And despite the weak story, I think it’s still a good attempt of reliving the classic story of Snow White. And I think teenagers can take a break from vampires or werewolves movies by watching this. *cough cough*

Oh, and that random Bollywood song in the end of the movie is actually… pretty okay.

Rating: 3/5


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