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MBLAQ & 4MINUTE Special Stage

You know, I am all for girl&boy group dancing time, because if you do it right, man, what an eye candy it will be.

(2nd link for who can’t view Youtube video:

MBLAQ may not be the best boy group in terms of dancing, but they have their own trademark and style everytime they do their thing. And dancing is not just about technique, it’s also about the energy and your charm on stage. And being Rain’s brainchild, I expect nothing less from MBLAQ. They have proven me right so far with their MVs, but their live dancing still leave me with something to be desired of.

While 4minute on the other hand, sad to be said, is kinda underrated for their skills, while I think they’re one of those girl groups who can be freaking sexy when they are all out for it. Too bad that they’re now always being dubbed as ‘HyunA & Friends’. As much as I love HyunA, I kinda wish Cube would stop promoting her endlessly.

Anyway, about this special stage.

MBLAQ’s “Cause I Said So” looked a bit lazy. Lee Joon looked passionate as usual, but come on Seungho, I’ve seen you do better. And Mir. Oh Mir, I really adore this kid for being the mood maker, but this kind of stage required more than just jumping around. Work that hips!

4Minute’s “I Just Want To F” surprised me. No, not because they nailed the dance, but because it passed the stupid South Korea’s ban. But anyway, I really don’t like how they did this dance. Maybe it’s the choreography itself, or it’s maybe the high heels.

And the last part is them doing the dance “Lovestoned” together. Ooff. You know, the pairings kinda look weird. Maybe because I am so used with seeing Joon and HyunA being paired together, but something’s just not right. The only couple that did look into each other is G.O and Jihyun. Yeah, you work that hip, G.O.

I am hoping for more and more collab like this. It’s interesting to see groups pulling off dances other than their usual steps for their song. And boy and girl group dance is really entertaining.

Oh, and another random note after I saw some of the boy and girl group performances/dance-off : I refuse to believe that idols are not dating each other behind fans’ back. Screw all of those dating ban. When you’re one gorgeous person and standing near another gorgeous person, the attraction is really inevitable. Well, maybe not dating, but crush, very possible.


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