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After School brings you back in time with “Flashback”


I’ve never been an After School fan (although I am biased towards Jooyeon, and partly it’s because I am biased towards G.O. And they’re such a perfect couple, ok?), and never will be. But you have to give points for them to be able to score that sexy look without even trying too hard.

Well, okay, some of them are definitely not there yet. E-young and Kaeun still give me that vibe of new breed, ie. they’re still trying how to fit in After School. Lizzy looks awkward with that *ahem*revealing*ahem* clothes, and what the hell happened with Raina’s face? Is it just me or someone else feel that there’s clearly something different with her face?

Jungah, UEE, and Nana look awesome as usual. But the thing that surprised me the most is the amount of Jooyeon that we saw in this video. I barely noticed her in any of previous After School’s MVs, and now suddenly, she’s like.. everywhere. She got almost the same number of lines like Nana, and more screen time too. I guess, Kahi’s departure really shifted a lot in terms of group’s dynamic.

I will try to write more once I get rid of this nosebleed cold. Next post will be something about their performance, I guess ^^


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