When Onew cried

Because that’s exactly what I felt when I watched this video My mind went numb, I couldn’t even comprehend what to say other than kept watching it until the end.  And it hurt. It hurt so bad when I saw Onew crying like that. I don’t know what he was feeling at that time, but … Continue reading

News Bit

BoA’s comeback!

I am going to go all fangirl/shipper here. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE. To be honest, I had never shipped BoA with anyone, not even with Donghae (although I think they’re so cute in ‘Key of Heart’ MV). But the moment I saw BoA and Yunho together, my mind was instantly telling me, ‘this is it!’ I can’t wait … Continue reading

Kpop / Music

The Queen is back

Idols come and go in the story of my fangirl life, but few people remain close in my heart. One of them is the queen of kpop, BoA. After “Hurricane Venus” back in 2010, the star hasn’t released any Korean single except for one song that she performed with Key and Henry. But just few … Continue reading