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when Nana spilled ice cream all over Mir’s face

If you don’t know by now, I am a big shipper of het-pairings (although I will squeal uncontrollably too if there’s bromance around). MBLAQ boys are my current obsession favorite now, so whenever I saw them having interaction with female idols, I have to resist myself from screaming, ‘dawwwww~’ /purr like a kitty/

And yes, I ship Jooyeon and G.O like mad (G.O, date her already!), so when I stumbled that little clip when After School came to MBLAQ’s Idol Army, I was jumping with joy (I know, I am so late). While watching that episode (and squealing and screaming practically at every interaction of G.O & Jooyeon), I couldn’t help but giving attention to the maknaes, aka. Mir and Nana.

And they’re beyond adorable.

What’s with the hyungs revealing how Mir remember Nana’s part in “Because Of You. Gawd, some cute puppy love we have there.

But of course, the real golden moments are in here.

Continue watching them, and in the end, you will eventually love them ❤


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