Kpop / Music

“Win The Day” with MBLAQ, 2PM, Miss-A, 4Minute, ZE:A, 9 Muses, Sistar, Boyfriend, B1A4, Dal-Shabet

PHEW. That was a lot to type for a title! (seriously, the artist list is even longer than the song title itself).

Have you watched the video? Have you? What? You haven’t? Quick, watch it. It’s so freaking cute!!

I must salute whoever pen the lyrics for being so smart inserting the word “Aessueri” in the lyrics, which for a foreigner like me sounded exactly like how Koreans pronounced “S-III” which by the way it’s the new product from the sponsor of this MV : SAMSUNG.

Aaaaanddd, how cute was it that my MBLAQ boys completely ignored the camera and did their own dorky stuffs at the back? LOL. Seungho’s solo part is just asdfg;; I love the close-up, and Mir’s cute bouncy jump.

I think the producer loves seeing MBLAQ and 4minute together lol.


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