and this is why I despise the idol-dom of kpop

Okay, please bare with me for again talking about nonsense things. I just don’t know where to vent this frustration lol.

One thing about idol-dom (among other things) is how fans own the idols (well, that’s what the company wants fans to think). Without fans, idols are nothing. No one to buy their albums, no one to watch their performances, no one to cheer them, etc etc. This very basic idea of fan that you can clearly get. The thing with kpop is, it’s not only music that won over the fans, it’s the whole package of idol itself. And more often than not, even music can be forgotten along the way, as long as the idols are interesting enough to watch.

What does that mean with the ‘whole package’? And why does it sound like idol is a product?

Of course idol is a product. A product of an entertainment company, packaged with dance style, catchy songs, and all that jazz. If those things can’t win over the fans, there are still other things inside the package which called : personality.

And that’s why, idols need to promote not only on music show or some serious talk show, but at variety shows. To show the viewers that even though your dance or singing skills sucks, you still have endearing/interesting personality. And again, more often than not, it’s their appearances at variety shows that won the fans instead of their music/singing/dance skills. Sad reality, but that’s how you roll once you’re an idol of Korea.

It’s as if it’s not enough to sell the idols with their so-called personality, company needs to sell them with tagline ‘free to be : ogled at/dreamed to marry/fantasized. cause they’re SINGLES

Now, maybe there are idols that choose to be single because they are indeed not having intention to have a relationship. Maybe it’s their personality, maybe it’s their resolution, I don’t know. But for others.. seriously, you’re young, you’re attractive, and you’re in the world with people as attractive as you! How in the world you can resist that temptation to just even date? I call that BS. And that’s what I called ‘single not by choice’.

My heart broke everytime I came across a news about idols dating (who came out once in a blue moon) and it’s filled with comments like ‘oppa, you betrayed me!‘, ‘how come he date that girl? She’s ugly!‘, etc etc.


Betrayal? Is that what you called betrayal? Betrayal means that if one person having another relationship while having one with different people, and the essence of both relationships are the same. Now let me ask you blinded fangirls, what kind of relationship do you have with your idol? Are you his girlfriend? Are you even his friend? Or have you even MET him? To declare that he’s betraying you is like the stupidest thing your mouth ever say (or your fingers ever type).

And second, ugly? You call your idol’s girlfriend as ugly? Wow. You say yourself as a fan, and yet you don’t even care if your idol is happy or not. A FAN, huh?

But not many idols are ready for this kind of hurtful comments (nor their company is ready to lose cash from the fans), so even though they’re clearly at age where they’re supposed to date, they chose to stay quiet and be ‘single’ until God knows when.

Seeing this conversation between MBLAQ members broke my shattered heart even more,

(when Thunder introduced his fake girlfriend to MBLAQ members)

Mir: “Are you crazy? Why are you doing this? Go back to your senses!”
G.O: “But we can’t have girlfriends!”

Dammit, the word ‘can’t’ is piercing through my soul.

Oh and Seungho + glasses is just pure gorgeous (this is mandatory fangirl word, of course)


3 thoughts on “and this is why I despise the idol-dom of kpop

  1. I’m going to ramble a bit here XD

    Yeah, it’s really annoying and immature, but I guess it’s their target audience…. I hate seeing it too, but I’m sure the majority will grow out of it. >..< Embarrassing now….

    It's like you said, one of their selling points is their personalities, so with that inevitably comes fantasies. But since these are real people, their fantasy dies easier when another girl is in the way. It'll probably change once these fans get a real boyfriend/girlfriend XD

    The only "fans" I really hate are the ones that are so obsessed, they stalk and harass the poor idols. I really wish Korea would get some laws for that stuff.

    • Aww thank you for the ramble, really appreciate it 🙂

      I read at kpopsecrets at tumblr once; a girl confessed while she was having a date with her boyfriend, she kept imagining having a date with her idol instead. Idk what to comment on that.

      Sasaeng fans are beyond crazy. Idek what they’re going to do with their life once their ‘sasaeng’ era is over. They’re wasting their youth stalking and harassing idols who are clearly suffering instead of feeling blessed for the fans *shakes head*.

      I can still ramble about how rabid fangirls annoy me to no end lol. The shipping thing is also really bothering, imo 😐

      • Haha, well… that just means she wasn’t emotionally ready to date anyone yet 😀 I don’t think the majority of fans would keep obsessing as much when they get in a serious relationship of their own.

        But, I was thinking more about this and I think there are many girls who get obsessive like this about guys they know in real life too. Like, they have a crush on him but can’t act on it and so they say crazy things when he dates another girl. Because idols are more famous, we see it out in the open more I guess.

        Yeah, sasaeng fans have a lot of problems >.< I read an article about how they exist because Korea is a pretty small country and because there's no laws against doing the things they do. I really don't understand why there aren't many laws protecting idols against people like that! @_@ They definitely have psychological problems.

        Ah shipping, haha. That's annoying too, but I've just accepted it because those fans are just viewing the idols as characters, not as people. I don't think we're really seeing idols as they really are anyway… they're projecting a certain character or personality to fans, so I think it's okay that fans respond like that in turn. I've heard a lot of idols say they've read fanfiction about themselves with another group member and they find it amusing.
        I don't like reading those myself because it feels too weird reading someone manipulating a person like that for a story, but I guess it's not hurting anything if the idols themselves encourage it with all the fan service they do on purpose, haha.

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