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2NE1 softens it up with “I Love You”

Now, I am not the biggest fan of 2NE1, but I truly sincerely love Dara. So, when I heard that Dara shaved half of her hair for this comeback, I was screaming inside. My beautiful Dara shaved her hair! Papa YG, what were you thinking?!

So when finally the MV was out, I was ready for mini heart-attack. I just couldn’t stand to see Dara with half shaved head, it almost made me wish for her vertical hair style to make a comeback or something.

Surprisingly, the MV is so pretty. I am not one having great artistic style, but I love almost every details in this MV. The girls looked exquisite, and although I was baffled with the lack of Bom (PRETTY GODDESS), but Minzy and CL rocked. (not so much with Minzy gyrating there, though)

And Dara. I don’t know how you do it, girl, but how on earth you managed to still look fabulous with that hair style, I would never know.

Now, onto the song.

Love love love the chorus. I totally will jam to this if I ever go to the club (which is practically never) or you know, when I jog. 2NE1 always manage to sound good whenever they do songs with lower notes, it seems. So I am okay with this. But the rap.. bleh. That rap totally disturbs the mood the song has brought since the very first notes. Why, why did they add that rap? And worse, it came at the very end of the song, and it ended abruptly. Meh.

And.. is there anyone can tell me, for who did CL dance for? Totally lost here.


3 thoughts on “2NE1 softens it up with “I Love You”

  1. I feel the same way. When I first heard 2NE1, I liked them, but after awhile, I just kind of stopped…. though I’ve always liked Dara a lot, haha.
    But I really like this new song by them! Most of the song sounds kind of dreamy 😀

    • sometimes i think 2ne1 tries so hard with their badass image, you know. And on events like that, I feel that Dara is so out of place haha.

      I’ve been jamming to this song since it was out. Oh, and last year’s “Lonely” was also awesome 😀

      • Yeah, Dara and Bom both don’t seem to fit that image in my opinion XD
        Their music just isn’t something I can keep listening to, I don’t know why. Maybe I just overplayed it in the beginning and then, most of their songs have a similar sound to them so I just got bored >.<

        Lonely was nice too, but this I Love You song seems the most refreshing to me 😀

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