Kpop / Music

The Queen is back

Idols come and go in the story of my fangirl life, but few people remain close in my heart. One of them is the queen of kpop, BoA.

After “Hurricane Venus” back in 2010, the star hasn’t released any Korean single except for one song that she performed with Key and Henry. But just few weeks ago, she dropped a confirmation for her official comeback with a full-length album this July. Except nothing less from the queen.

I was already giddy for the comeback. BoA is like my true kpop love, although I discovered her from my jpop fix. And I was even happier that the song she’s going to promote is her self-composed one titled “Only One” 

Today, the teaser was out.

I must admit, I was expecting a dance track from her, but heck, this is going to be one gorgeous ballad. I can’t wait for the full audio!

I don’t really care about the MV, let alone the actor, but apparently few fangirls are gushing about him. Oh well, as long as I have my BoA fix.


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