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Ace of Angels first teaser

I know, I know. BoA’s MV review will come later. This one is going to be short, so I am posting this first 😀

Okay, Angels, should we start? (heck, I sounded like Charlie lol)

I admit, I was sick of the way FnC promoting the teaser images of these girls. First, too much of Photoshop! Second, the weird nicknames that are clearly just for building interest.

Now, how is the teaser faring?

Urm, okay. Yeah, so angels.. coming down from heaven. Apparently they landed in some sort of 70s or 80s era. Then they started walking forward…. and that’s it.

For first teaser, it’s pretty enough to make people turn their head around. See FnC, these girls are already pretty, they don’t need Photoshop! Although I still have problems with the concept. I don’t know, the term ‘angels’ creep me out. But I will hold any judgement until I see their debut. It’s going to be pretty exciting, considering they’re going to be up against wave of rookie hiphop girl groups!


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