Etude comes back with SHINee Ken


Like I mentioned in my last post about SHINee, I was all about SHINee growing out of their image of young boys into matured men. Although after the taste of what it’s going to be like (with Sherlock’s teasers and recent fanservices from JongTae and 2Min), I don’t think this is the kind of ‘growing up’ that I prefer from SHINee.

But when I saw these behind-the-scene pictures of latest ETUDE HOUSE CF, I was literally facepalming.

Pink. Pink. And Pink.

Like it’s not enough of pink, they were all dressed like KEN. Yes, that’s right. Barbie’s Ken. Apparently, it’s rumored that the theme for the new CF is ‘Barbie & Ken’. (and if you haven’t known by now, the Barbie will be Dara).

So, from cute SHINee, we went to mature-and-all-kissing SHINee, and then now we’re going back to pink SHINee again? ._.

I know, I know. This is just a CF, and considering it’s a make-up product, and ETUDE is practically pink themed (see their shop, basically everything is PINK), of course the models must be in pink too. But still..

And Dara, girl, I love you and all, but you really should consider to stop doing this kind of CF. You’re almost 30, don’t you think ‘cute pink‘ and ‘Barbie‘ are already out of your zone?


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