Junsu declares to be ‘Uncommitted’

Never once I paid too many attention towards Junsu because I already have Jaejoong and Yoochun keeping me busy with their activities. I know Junsu has the best voice in DBSK (and now JYJ), but something about him just doesn’t click with me. So yes, I’ve been neglecting him and not even bothered to check his solo albums.

Oopps, not actually true. I did check Tarantellagra, and ended up.. confused. Maybe it’s because I am more of a simple-MV-with-story person, hence my lack of appreciation of his latest work.

But you know what can probably change my mind? Guy in perfect clothes and style.

Doesn’t he look mighty fine in here? I am glad that the coordi(s) decided to go with casual style. I just can’t imagine if he decided to go with Tarantellagra concept for this US release.

Judging from the news, it seems that Uncommitted is going to be a perfectly fine song. I hope so too.


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