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WIP : KARA opens the Pandora Box

You won’t believe how many times I repeat this the first time I listened to this song just last Wednesday. To be honest, I don’t really care about the MV and the dance. It’s been a while since I like KARA’s song sincerely for the music and not for the eye candies. The song is catchy, fast, and leaving no room to breathe, but this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for from KARA.

I can sense that this song is going to be in my forever-playing playlist.

AND MY GIRL SEUNGYEON IS GORGEOUS. Hit that high note, girl!

ASDF;; Finally SM answered my plea for Sunny to get such a pretty song. I really really love how Luna’s voice blends well with Sunny’s, albeit the former is stronger vocalist than the latter, but they’re complementing each other. Sunny fills up the sweet part, while Luna is there for hitting the high notes with power. Not to mention the song is so nostalgic as well I can’t help but smiling and feeling sad at the same time.

I haven’t watched To The Beautiful You, btw. I hope it’s as sweet as this song 🙂


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