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Ohno Satoshi pleads to be “Two” with someone

the title and image completely don’t match each other

DAMN GOOD, people.

Okay, let’s get on to my mini review. Although Ohno does not need any review. I am biased, sue me.

Ohno’s solo is always well done in terms of singing, and this one is no exception. However some parts of it kinda reminds me of “Take Me Faraway”, but I’d take this one than his recent solo from Arashi’s “Beautiful World” album.

The thing with Ohno’s solo is that they are always being tailored to have a dance break somewhere in the middle of song, which I can understand perfectly because Ohno’s song without dance is like cake without icing. And for some other reasons, it always falls between R&B and ballad. They’re nice, but the problem is that it’s starting to be repetitive. I want to see Ohno doing something different next time, but it’s unlikely to happened. since Johnny will never give him the chance.

Although the ‘furueru hodo’ part makes me shiver. That perfect long note is just perfect. Oh fisherman, the thing that you do with your voice.


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