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Girl’s Day asks you, “Don’t Forget Me.”

There’s something really dear about Girl’s Day for me. I never liked their songs, but at that moment when I saw Sojin and Minah in Director’s Cut 2 with CN Blue’s Jonghyun and Minhyuk, I knew that these girls are more capable of singing other than their cutesy songs.

Now, they’re back with “Don’t Forget Me.”

My honest opinion? This song is no special. I hate how they processed the girls’ voices. Sojin and Minah are good singers, and they don’t deserve this. Eh.

And moreover, I don’t get the connection between the song and the atmosphere of the video. So there are two major scenes in this video. First, the cute Girl’s Day. Second, the dance club Girl’s Day. The song is cute and sad at the same time. It tells the story about first love that failed. And I was thinking, “Ah, so that’s why there are cute Girl’s Day”. But when they entered the dance club style, I was left confused. So… to forget your failed first love, you went clubbing? Okay. 

I will just enjoy this video for my Sojin fix. Damn, she’s hot.


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