BoA in Marie Claire

I am always wary when it comes to BoA and photoshoot. My forever kpop queen shines on stage, but I barely found any nice photoshoots of her. It’s not because of she’s not pretty, but simply because there are idols who were born for camera and there are others who weren’t.

The queen was in Marie Claire last month and the spread was not that many for me to give a little comments here and there, so let’s see.

First picture, black winter coat with same color handbag. The clothes look really warm for winter, and BoA’s gaze makes everything look lonely and cold. I like this style for her, if only it didn’t make her look much older than her real age is.

Another winter coat, I assume. But now we see that BoA had her hair made to curls, and to be honest, it makes her look classy yet again, old. The long skirt makes me wonder if it’s really needed for winter season. I mean, won’t it make you difficult to walk and easy to be swept by heavy wind?

The most bizarre clothes in this photoshoot. BoA’s figure is small, so I always think that big, oversized clothes will only make her looked even smaller. And how many times have we seen her with the same pose of her tilting her head in this photoshoot?

The next two photos show BoA standing near the camera, for no apparent reason. First picture looks good, but I say no to the next bling-bling item for BoA. Second picture looks blah, and someone needs to break BoA up with over-sized men coat.

And finally, my favorite photo from this photoshoot. To be honest, I don’t like leopard print, but this piece looks flattering on BoA. It also helps that she only wears minimum accessories to match with this dress since the dress itself is already busy enough.

So, if someone read this post of me, what do you think, guys? Which one looks good on BoA?


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