Oh how I love fall. When the leaves are falling, when the weather starts to change from super hot to chilly breeze. Being a tropical human being always make me wonder how to live in a place where fall season exists (well, my 1.5 years living in Japan obviously still left me with so many questions).

Well, don’t bother me and my endless rants. Here are some prettiness from recent event of Lacoste. See, I love fall cause there are so many colors

MBLAQ came mostly in stripes. All of them were wearing jacket on top of their shirt.

mir_lacosteNot really a big fan of pony tail haired Mir, to be honest, and the boy looked dead tired in most photos.

201210242056492610_1Thunder’s outfit looks better up close. I just noticed the fur on his jacket, and although I don’t really favor fur, the small details added more ‘color’ to the plain black jacket.

30000171657_700Ah Joonie, the resident actor of MBLAQ. That cardigan can do better without that small pattern on the left. I like the touch of orange on the right, again it makes the black cardigan looks more alive.


My favorite jacket will be Seungho’s. Love the red blocks combined with black. I must say, his blonde  hair color is my least favorite of his. But I will appreciate any additional color in the midst of sea of black color.


But of course, the most stand out here is G.O’s. His shirt’s pattern is not really that unique, but at least it showed a variety. The main vocalist came with blue sweater and it really stands out.


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