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2Yoon is debuting soon with “Harvest Moon”!

Okay, it’s soooo nice to finally hear something about 4Minute’s Gayoon and Jiyoon debut! It’s about time ever since Cube announced the possibility of their duet more than a year ago. I am so excited because I’ve been dying for 4Minute’s members (excluding HyunA) to have more chances to shine in their music career. Don’t get me wrong, I adore HyunA (the girl is so sweet), but Cube needs to step up their game with 4Minute. The girls have been around since 2009, and they still haven’t reached the same level like their fellow 2009 debuts and although I am not their biggest fan, it saddens me. No, don’t remind me of the non-existent f(x)’s fanclub name.

Anyway, 2Yoon (eurgh the name, I prefer Double Yoon to be honest) is confirmed to have their debut on January 17! As usual with how kpop rolls, the teaser images have been dropping since few days ago.

Hmm. Chicks? 

Hmmm. Pig?

Honestly I have no idea what is the connection between country music and chicks and pig. But okay, I will take what I can get.

And, just out of curiosity, who else immediately thought about the game upon hearing the album name? *raises hand*


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