Yong-hwa is in another drama with Park Shin-hye

Dramaland, you’re really really persistent, huh?

It’s been confirmed that the pair who were costars in 2009′s You’re Beautiful and again in 2011′s You’ve Fallen For Me are going to be reunited for a third time. Jung Yong-hwa just been cast in Kim Eun-sook’s next big rom-com Heirs (He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight: Heirs) starring Lee Min-ho, due out this fall. — Dramabeans

Okay, casting people, I don’t know what’s going on over there, but can we -i don’t know- try to experiment a bit?

Yes, they’re cute together. Yes, they’re best friends. Yes, they have dating rumor (like I care? They can date anyone they want). But, Jung Yong-hwa is not the only idol actor available around, and yes, let me say this, I am bored with this pairing already.

The magic didn’t happen the first time, it wasn’t happening the second time either, and even though they said ‘third time’s the charm’, I doubt it will happen to them.



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