News Bit

Taemin ‘marries’ Na-eun

Okay, in a count of three:


And then cue the cries of million fangirls around the world.

So, apparently after the announcement of SunHee’s (beloved name for Sunhwa-Kwanghee couple) departure in two weeks time, (damn it, you WGM. You are taking one of my most beloved WGM couples EVER), WGM has already found the substitute which are SHINee’s Taemin and A-Pink’s Na-eun.

My initial reaction?

If I am being biased, my first question would be, why Taemin? Why not Onew, or why not even Key? Onew is the oldest, and I think he’s the one who’s most suitable for We Got Married. And Key, with his diva personality, will surely brings a lot of hilarity and fun to the program. Minho is somehow out of question, same goes with Jonghyun (cause let’s face it, public hasn’t forget about his relationship with Shin Se-kyung).

But then WGM staff said something about experiencing ‘first love’, hence Taemin the maknae is chosen.


I am not even sure how did they relate maknae of the group with first love. But hey, they look cute together.


Who am I to complaint? I am just a beggar, and beggar can’t choose. And besides, I need my fix of cuteness :3 Never mind it’s coming from a pair of just-barely-20-years-old


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